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PSPs can laminate and increase the rate projects are sent out for installation, creating more opportunities for them to take on additional jobs and increase overall revenue.

5. Same-day Lamination. The majority of solvent prints will be laminated, as it’s an important step in the graphics production process for outdoor signage. Laminated output weatherproofs the print and helps protect against damage. Lamination is done to add durability, prolong the life of the print, and improve visual qualities (such as image sharpness, color saturation, and heightening the contrast between colors). Traditionally ink and media manufac-

turers have recommended PSPs allow solvent output to dry for twenty-four to forty-eight hours for the off-gassing process to take place. However, due to rapidly evolving technologies, new solvent ink technologies have the ability to reduce the off-gas time by at least 75 percent, allowing PSPs to laminate solvent prints the same day they come off the printer—as fast as six hours after the print is complete. By decreasing the curating time,

Conclusion Solvent printing technology delivers fast, reliable, high-quality output and enables PSPs to gain advantages in image quality, total cost‑of‑ownership, and project turnaround time. By integrating solvent printing technology, PSPs can expect durable, consistent output suitable for a variety of printing applications, delivered at impressive speeds that far exceed customer expectations. By increasing output quality and decreasing project turnaround time, PSPs can confidently accept additional projects, resulting in increased projection and revenue opportunities. Matt McCausland is product manager, Professional Imaging, at Epson America, Inc.

Show Time! There was a time not long ago when some predicted the end of tradeshows as we know them, seemingly happy to consign their model to the past and assume a more modern, Internet-driven way of doing things would be the way to go. Thankfully, these people were wrong—at least insofar as the fundamental demise of tradeshows. Where, perhaps by happenchance, they were right is that the traditional format has indeed evolved—in a good way. No longer merely a collection of companies lining-up to display their wares, in many cases, these exhibitions are full-on visual extravaganzas that combine keynote presentations and interactive debates, educational workshops, and application areas,


Sign Builder Illustrated

June 2018

not forgetting the “core” showcase of the latest technologies and services. For visitors, some of whom might be thinking about the next investment to grow their business or enhance efficiencies, there’s no substitute for direct face-to-face engagement with those you might eventually buy from. The ability to question product experts and salespeople, see live demonstrations, and compare competing offerings within feet of each other, all contributes to a much easier decision-making process for would-be buyers. Granted, if you’re running a business, it’s not always easy to find time for you or your key staff to leave the office or production facility or justify the expense of visiting an exhibition that might be in another country. That said, I believe most

business owners would acknowledge the importance of networking within their industry and staying abreast of technology change—especially if it offers revenue- or efficiency-enhancing potential for their operations. In an age of low-cost airline travel, most of us would think nothing of booking a cheap weekend city break with our partners. For the same level of expense (and potentially less if it’s on home soil), visiting a major tradeshow to see the market’s latest products and technologies might unlock the key to taking your business and your service offering to the next level. In fact, why not take your partner and combine it with that city break? —Michelle Johnson, marketing manager, SA International

Sign Builder Illustrated June 2018  

This issue features stories on solvent printing, vinyl graphics, tax law, ADA/wayfinding, architectural signs, project management, and more!

Sign Builder Illustrated June 2018  

This issue features stories on solvent printing, vinyl graphics, tax law, ADA/wayfinding, architectural signs, project management, and more!