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SKIING ON CO2-COOLED SNOW SNØ, Nor way’s first year-round indoor ski arena, will feature snow made by the countr y ’s largest transcritical CO 2 system

― By Andrew Williams & Charlotte McLaughlin


Januar y 2020, Nor way’s first year-round indoor ski arena – aptly named SNØ – will open in Lørenskog, just east of capital city Oslo. The snow for the venue will be cooled by natural refrigerant CO 2 . The arena will be fitted with three PowerCO 2 OL transcritical racks provided by Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, which celebrated delivery of its 10,000 th CO 2 system in April. The system will deliver 3.1 MW (881 TR) of cooling in what will be the largest CO 2 transcritical installation in Norway.

“Carrier's CO 2 system meets our need for a long-term, cost-effective solution for Norway’s first indoor ski arena that will allow visitors of all ages to enjoy winter year-round,” said Ing. Petter Nome, CEO of Ipnas, consultants on the project for SNØ. The PowerCO 2 OL platform will maintain temperatures at -4°C (24.8°F) and be able to deliver temperatures as low as -12°C (10.4°F). It integrates Carrier’s CO 2 OLtec EVO modulating vapor ejector technology as a standard feature to improve energy efficiency. Carrier asser ts that the PowerCO 2 OL platform can deliver energy savings of up to 30% on an annual basis compared to standard transcritical CO 2 systems.

SKIING INDOORS Visitors to SNØ will be able to enjoy Alpine and Nordic skiing in a year-round winter environment. The indoor arena’s 36,000-m² snow area will have a 2-km cross-country trail, and three 500-m slalom slopes for beginners. SNØ hopes to attract 400,000 visitors in 2020, the first year of operation. The snow for the arena will be 100% se lf- p ro d u c e d . Tr y m K li n g e n b e rg , operations manager at SNØ, is looking forward to the challenge of making snow for use year-round. He joined the company after a 25-year career working in outdoor ski resorts.

Accelerate Magazine // June 2019