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25 Movers & Shakers Welcome to Accelerate America’s first list of 25 people who have played a critical role in advancing the adoption of natural refrigerantbased systems in North America – By Michael Garry

The great inventor Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” The 25 Movers & Shakers included in the following list are people – mostly end users and manufacturers – who have been inspired by the potential of natural refrigerants to do the hard work of transforming a brilliant idea into a commercial reality, usually by disrupting the status quo. In this initial list we are covering not only 2016 but the years leading up to it as well. This list was both easy and hard to assemble. There are some people whose contributions are so compelling that their names automatically populate the list. Others are not as obvious, but on reflection have made, or started to make, a real difference. But the biggest difficulty is deciding whom to leave out. We have limited ourselves to 25 slots, though many more people could certainly be considered “Movers & Shakers.” We regret that they were not able to be included this time.

In making our selections, we followed a few guidelines: • T he people on the list have to be recognizable in the industry by appearing at industry events, conferences and trade shows, and participating on committees. • T hey have to be focused on natural refrigerants, as opposed to other refrigerant options. • We could only select one person per company, so unfortunately we’ve left out others at the same company who have also played a critical role. But if a company is represented on the list, it should be understood that it usually takes more than one person to make progress. • We have organized the list by OEMs, component manufacturers, end users (food retailers, industrial and foodservice) and in one instance, utilities, which are becoming increasingly important to natural refrigerant adoption. We have decided not to include association executives, academics, government officials or consultants. • F inally, we are not ranking the 25 people on the list. They are all considered of equal status, each in his own unique fashion.

Accelerate America

November-December 2016

Accelerate America #20 November / December 2016  

25 movers & shakers driving natural refrigerants adoption in North America

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