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appropriate business  attire,  and  you  may 

possible for  you  to  “pick‐up”  new 

even have packed your  laptop computer.  If 

variations from  each  area  to  add  to  your 

you moved  to  another  area altogether,  you 

dialect. Most  deSinitely,  this  is  simpliSied 

probably packed  everything  but  the 

logic, but  it  does  demonstrate  that  a 

kitchen sink.  However,  no  matter  the 

person's dialect  can represent  where  they 

reason for packing, did you ever once think 

have lived. Maybe it's just a particular word 

about packing  your dialect,  or maybe your 

that they  use,  a  particular  meaning  they 

accent? Well,  of  course  you  didn't  think 

assign to  a  word,  a  particular  way  they 

about it  because  it's  an  intrinsic  part  of 

pronounce a  word(s),  and/or  a  particular 

yourself. You  really  can't  be  totally 

word order in a sentence (syntax) that they 

separated from  it.  Moreover,  once  you got 

use, but  they  are  differences  that  can  be 

to your  destination,  were  you  ever  asked, 

recorded. Furthermore,  if  they  can  be 

“Are you  from  around  here?”  This 

recorded, they  can  be  analyzed,  which can 

particular question  is  asked  with  the 

possibly be  useful  in  determining  where 

implication that you are obviously not from 

our ancestors  came  from,  or  where  they 

“here”, and is usually asked after they have 

had been.  This  type of migratory  mapping 

heard you  speak.  They  probably  heard 

using linguistics  [the  study  of  language 

something in  your  dialect  that  is  different 

and/or its structure] can be a useful tool in 

from their  dialect,  but  they  are  not  sure 

narrowing down  the  locations  of  possible 

where your dialect  is  from; they just know 

paper trails  that  our  ancestors  left  while 

it's “different.”


However, factors such as you moving away  a n d / o r  o t h e r s  m o v i n g  i n t o  y o u r 

American Tongues Tease

community can help to change your dialect 

Take a look  at  the opening  scene from the 

and accent over a long period of time. So, if 

classic documentary  about  accents  and 

you have  a  series  of  moves  over  your 

dialects ‐‐  AMERICAN  TONGUES  by  Louis 

lifetime and  you  stayed in  each  area  for  a 

Alvarez and Andrew Kolker.

signiSicant period  of  time,  it's  quite  ~ 37 ~

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Shades Of The Departed - December Issue  

Shades Of The Departed is a digital magazine for those with a fascination for old photographs.

Shades Of The Departed - December Issue  

Shades Of The Departed is a digital magazine for those with a fascination for old photographs.