Construction & Civil Engineering Issue 165 July 2019

Page 22

profile: PN Daly

All about connectivity

PN Daly’s strong relationship management has helped the company maintain constructive partnerships with the UK’s leading utility companies and developers for over five decades


he privatisation of Britain’s utility companies and the opening up

of a contestable connections market in 1990 considerably extended the playing field for PN Daly. Having started as a term contractor for statutory


undertakers (first gas, and then water, and electrical undertakers), the Milnrow-based company, which has now been around for 53 years, has over time expanded the volume and the scope of its work. This has become so, thanks to the organisation delivering a number of high-quality projects that built

its reputation as a trusted provider of a broad range of services. Today, PN Daly specialises in supplying design, construction, connection, repair, maintenance, and support services to gas, water, electricity, and telecommunication networks, mainly in the aforementioned statutory undertakers sector and