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Scan Magazine | Special theme | Top 10 Summer Experiences in Sweden 2015

course heat up with wood that you’ve chopped yourself) and make this remarkable place your own for a few days. But Urnatur hasn’t taken all life’s essentials away, Krynitz ensures with a laugh. “There are cupboards filled with what you need to cook; a good, vegetarian and ecologic meal as well as fresh vegetables and herbs from our garden in the outdoor kitchen,” she explains. “In addition to that you can order beer and wine or fish and lamb from us.” Staying at Urnatur is a fantastic experience for all who are willing to give it a go. “We see families coming together like they haven’t been able to before, bonds strengthened between friends and couples and teams growing stronger by the minute,” says Krynitz enthusiastically. “It’s a way of life which is incredibly contagious. Seeing the nature and humanity at its core is something many people find fascinating and we constantly get people coming back year after year to experience it all over again.” The popularity of ecotourism is on the uprising. The wave of consciousness spreading through Europe has opened people’s eyes to alternative ways of living, holidays and getaways, and the inspiring duo behind Urnatur couldn’t be more pleased. “Sweden should, as a country, see the potential of the nature and become more of a spokes nation for ecotourism than it is now,” Krynitz says. “We have incredible nature and the resources and knowledge needed to protect and maintain it. Preserving the moments we get in places like ours is immensely rewarding and a great complement to the ways most people go about their lives today.”

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