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CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Plans for high-rise buildings in Stavanger city centre. The new ice hall doubles up as a venue for events such as ONS. Plans for Stavanger University Hospital: LNA tries to avoid an institutional feel to its health care buildings.

Close to home

and is planning to build more, as well as taking part in several renovation projects in Stavanger.

Leiv Nes Arkitekter (LNA) was established in 1967, and since then the firm has focused on being of service to its hometown Stavanger and the surrounding area.

As Stavanger is home to one of northern Europe’s biggest collections of 18th and 19th century wooden houses, the architects at LNA are conscious of designing buildings that do not impose on these. “We have been around since the ’60s and see our buildings in the city every day. We want to design buildings that we can still be proud of years from now,” says Hodne.

By Andrea Bærland | Photos: Press Images

In the 1970s, LNA was assigned a project at Rogaland Sykehus, and it is still involved as the hospital plans to expand. “When you get involved in such a big project, it will follow you for years,” says managing director Anne Brit Hodne. Focus on health The city council has proved to be a loyal customer and the health sector has become somewhat of a specialty for LNA, who recently completed a regional psychiatric hospital. “We didn’t want it to look too much like an institution. It is important for us to create a space where people can feel comfortable while they are going through a tough period in their life,” says Hodne. This way of thinking has also been put to good use in a current project, where the firm is designing an assisted living facility for a private developer. “It is a project that falls somewhere between a home

and a health care institution. It is an exciting challenge to combine the two,” says Hodne. With culture in mind Even though LNA is a small local firm, its 10 architects are capable of thinking big. On a recent assignment from Stavanger City Council, they designed a big ice hall that is also used for the biannual oil and gas conference ONS. In addition, they have worked on projects in Forus, Stavanger’s industrial district, where several oil and gas companies are located. “Rogaland is a very important region for Norwegian agriculture, and as the city grows the farmland needs to remain intact,” says Hodne. One way of ensuring this, and making the city centre more lively in the process, is to build with high density in central locations. LNA first built high-rise buildings in the city centre in the 1980s

Health care centre.

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Issue 69 | October 2014 | 67

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Scan Magazine | Issue 69 | October 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with actress Signe Egholm Olsen.

Scan Magazine | Issue 69 | October 2014  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with actress Signe Egholm Olsen.