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Clockwise from left to right: Tatiana De Rosnay, Siri Hustvedt, Tom Rachman, Conn Iggulden, Maria Källsson (director of Göteborg Book Fair) and David Grossman.

Attraction of the Month, Sweden

Celebrating 30 years of celebrating literature It is time again for Göteborg Book Fair – the largest meeting place in the Nordic countries for publishers, agents, writers and readers. This year, we hear stories from around the world, but all eyes are on Brazil. By Ellinor Thunberg | Press Photos

Göteborg Book Fair has everything from seminars and events to exhibitions, activities and the International Rights Centre for publishers and agents. This year, writers from 35 countries are represented and more than 1,200 journalists will cover the fair.

were born in the ‘80s. They are young, some even debutants, playwrights and authors who write for children. It is a whole new Brazil and it will be very interesting to get to know it,” says Källsson, mentioning Vanessa Bárbara, Andréa Del Fuego and Michel Laub.

All eyes on Brazil

The second largest section, Voices from Catalonia, offers an interesting dimension as so many visitors have been to Barcelona.

“No other country feels more 2014 than Brazil, with the World Cup and an international focus on the country. We are really pleased and excited,” says Book Fair director Maria Källsson. Brazil is diverse and has a rich culture and history, and it is the only Portuguese-speaking country on the South American continent. The native literature has been in the shadow of Spanish writers, but one famous name is Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) – however, there is more to explore. “Many of the authors this year

Always up to date A lot has happened since 1985 and the fair has grown from 5,000 visitors initially to nearly 100,000 today. Apart from being a showcase for contemporary literature, it is also an arena for culture and education. The Cloud is a space dedicated this year to education staff, offering in-depth discussions and

workshops. Because of the Swedish general election in September, education is an even hotter topical than usual. Another current topic is new technology, and the Digital Square is a must-visit open to all ticket holders during all four days of the fair. “The foundation of a good book is always a good story, but here we look at different formats. It can be an e-book or even a video game these days,” says the director. Göteborg Book Fair takes place 25-28 September at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg. With around 3,400 scheduled activities, there is something for everyone.

5 authors to watch in 2014 Siri Hustvedt: What I Loved, The Blazing World Tom Rachman: The Imperfectionists, The Rise and Fall of Great Powers David Grossman: Falling out of Time Conn Iggulden: The Gates of Rome, Empire series Tatiana De Rosnay: Sarah’s Key, Boomerang

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