Scan Magazine, Issue 137, December 2021

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Unparalleled functionality embracing the value of exceptional design Struktur Design is the Swedish, Umeå-based company that has been specialising in user-friendly products for the industrial market since 1993. Creating new products and services as well as improving existing ones, they play a vital part in empowering the development of an intelligent industry that benefits all segments of production – from powerful machines to the individuals managing them. By Nina Bressler  |  Photos: Struktur Design

There’s no place like Umeå for design addicts. It is home not only to Umeå Institute of Design, ranked the best design school for six consecutive years, but also to Struktur Design, an industrial design company that has served as a trusted partner to businesses for nearly 30 years. Struktur Design is building and improving products inside industries worldwide and has, through its careful design process, earned a client network that is 30  |  Issue 137  |  December 2021

well aware of the fundamental value in cleverly constructed gadgets to increase manufacturing efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Johan Gustafsson was one of three classmates that founded the company back in 1993, and has since partnered with Nikita Golovlev, who spent a decade at Hultafors Group designing hand tools. “We work business to business, and our mission is to advocate for the endcustomer, whose viewpoint can easily

get lost in the process. Producers choose us because they know we pay attention to the details, both great and minor, that enhance user-friendliness and increase efficiency on a production level. We know the power of ergonomics in combination with good design, and our focus is set on creating pioneering products where performance and subtle elegance go hand in hand,” says Gustafsson. The environmental benefits of clever design Their projects are used in a wide variety of markets – from engineering industries to health care technology and consumer products. Most of the products are designed in close collaboration with the companies. Brokk 900 is one example of their ingenuity, where a new-generation demolition robot has