Scan Magazine, Issue 131, December 2019

Page 58

Time to head for the mountains Whether you’re looking for a soul-soothing escape to the wilderness or a funpacked family break, Sweden’s southernmost mountain resort promises an experience to remember, with stunning scenery and wildlife, top-class ski facilities, and activities to suit every age and taste. By Liz Longden  |  Photos: Idre Fjäll

“Being in the mountains is a different experience; it’s very special. Here, you’re out in the wilderness, with the wildlife – you’re in among the reindeer grazing freely,” explains Tommy Halvarsson, Idre Fjäll foundation’s head of marketing and sales. “It really is like coming into a different world, and incredibly beautiful.” Halvarsson and his colleagues are, he admits, extremely proud of the resort, which marks the start of Sweden’s breathtaking mountain landscape (or ‘fjällen’), and it’s perhaps not so sur58  |  Issue 131  |  December 2019

prising – established in 1968 in an attempt to stem the depopulation of the local area, from the very beginning, Idre Fjäll has been a labour of love. Since that time, the resort has grown from just two pistes to 41, and last year recorded 600,000 guest nights. One obvious reason for Idre Fjäll’s popularity is the quality of its pistes. Ranging in difficulty from gentle to exhilarating, the resort caters for all levels, making it the perfect destination for groups of mixed ability, and especially families. Not

only that, but because it has slopes facing every direction, the chances of great skiing conditions are maximised. Whether it’s to escape a nippy north wind or to make the most of the early spring sun, guests can simply head for wherever the weather and snow are best. Perhaps just as importantly, however, the complex has been designed to minimise stress and maximise ski time. “The resort has been developed around the principle of making things as easy as possible and of not needing to bring a car,” Halvarsson explains. “All the shops, restaurants, pistes and other activities are situated very close to each other, all within easy walking distance. And while we have a very wide offering of accommodation – everything from camper van parking to hotel and spa – they are al-