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Making storage beautiful From personalised wooden cutlery boxes to stools and shelves, Laatikkokauppa® manufactures handmade items made of Finnish wood. Driven by a deep passion for wood and sustainability, the company is on a quest to spread happiness by bringing a little bit of Finnish forest into people’s homes.

A handicraft factory Referring to her business as a handicraft factory, Pitkänen’s passion for her work undeniably shines through in the way she describes her business. “There is no production line here; it’s just me and a 84  |  Issue 111  |  April 2018

The sky is the limit

carpenter, as well as a handful of sales assistants in our shop, Tapanila, located in Helsinki,” she says. Laatikkokauppa®’s workhop is based in Tuusula, where Pitkänen and carpenter Repe work.

Woodwork is a traditional craft, and Pitkänen wants to make custom-made wooden products more accessible for all customers. “I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to approach a carpenter, and to be able to have a made-tomeasure product in whatever wood finish or colour they choose,” she explains.

Working solely with Finnish wood, Pitkänen believes in ethical and organic sustainability. Laatikkokauppa® was awarded a key flag mark, synonymous with ‘made in Finland’, as well as the renowned Design from Finland mark, which is awarded to brands that showcase Finnish excellence. “When wood is imported from abroad, how often are we able to pin down its exact origins? Do we know what products have been used to treat it, or who has been in charge of the treatment? We are able to trace the ori-

Working with a wide range of clients – from individuals to restaurants, nursing homes, shops and hairdressers – Laatikkokauppa®’s versatility is evident. The online shop stocks everything from ready-made boxes and shelving to stools and decorative items. For businesses, Laatikkokauppa® supplies everything from personalised wooden cutlery boxes for restaurants and cafés to business card holders and stackable boxes and shelving. With over 20 colours to choose from when it comes to custom-made wood items, the

By Ndéla Faye  |  Photos: Lempivisions, Katri Haavisto

“Five years ago, I was looking for a box for a Christmas arrangement, but it was near impossible to find one that was durable, beautiful and decorative. Finland is a country full of trees, or green gold, as I like to call them – so how come this seemed like a difficult task? I love the smell of wood and I’ve always loved working with wood, and find that wooden boxes are just so versatile and lovely – and so Laatikkokauppa® was born,” says Kirsi Pitkänen, owner of Laatikkokauppa®.

gins of all our wood – and all of it comes from Finland,” Pitkänen affirms.

Scan Magazine, Issue 111, April 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish pop princess Tove Styrke.

Scan Magazine, Issue 111, April 2018  

Promoting Brand Scandinavia. Featuring interview with Swedish pop princess Tove Styrke.