Discover Germay, Issue 51, June 2017

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The future starts right now JenLab is the leading specialist in multiphoton tomography. Their innovative tomographs create scar-free and label-free optical biopsies and make it possible to detect skin cancer much earlier with subcellular resolution directly on the screen. The efficiency of anti-aging cremes can be evaluated and skin modifications of astronauts during long-term space flights investigated. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE  I  PHOTOS: JENLAB

Usually practitioners assess an abnormal part of a patient’s skin with their naked eye. In most cases, a biopsy will be carried out that causes pain and scars occur. The skin sample will be tested in a laboratory, a process that is not only costly but might also take weeks, leaving the patient with uncertainty. JenLab can provide a revolutionary and much faster option. It develops medical equipment and laser microscopes, which are based on femtosecond laser technology. The multiphoton tomograph creates high-resolution images of affected skin within seconds. With this non-invasive and painless procedure, the physician obtains optical biopsies with detailed information on living cells and tissue structures within their physiological en76  |  Issue 51  |  June 2017

vironment. Dermatological disorders can be detected with submicron spatial resolution. This innovative method allows for an earlier detection of skin diseases such as malignant melanoma and dermatitis, and enables physicians to start treatment immediately. CEO Dr. Karsten König explains: “JenLab equipment enables us to gain deep insights into the skin ‘in vivo’. This makes the physically taken invasive biopsy prior to the examination unnecessary. Chemical processes can be made visible even at a sub-cellular level which is interesting for cosmetic research and the pharmaceutical industry.” JenLab is amongst Germany’s top 100 innovative businesses and is partly funded

by the European Horizon 2020. This May, JenLab got awarded by CFI as the Most Innovative Medical Diagnostics System Europe 2017. Hospitals in major cities such as Los Angeles, Paris, London, Peking, Brisbane and Berlin are already using JenLab’s equipment to detect black skin cancer and inflammation diseases. The tomograph has been employed during neurosurgery to define the exact borders of a brain tumor ‘in situ’. The Lions cornea bank in Homburg uses it for quality checks of donated human eyes prior to transplantation. CEO Dr. König, who is also professor at the Saarland University, gets enthusiastic when it comes to space applications. European astronauts are monitored with JenLab’s technology to measure skin modifications during long-term space flights. The list of areas where JenLab’s tools can cause a little revolution seems endless. We are on board.