Discover Germany | Issue 18 | September 2014

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Architecture that integrates As one of Switzerland’s most respected and celebrated architecture firms for over half a century, Zurich’s Stücheli Architekten are not one to rest on their laurels. Constant developments, efficient processes, rapid responses and responsible planning are just some of the characteristics that shape this forward-looking firm, although their past is not one to be overlooked. TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE | PHOTOS: STUECHELI ARCHITEKTEN

Counting 90 members of staff in its stylish inner-city office with an almost equal gender split, the firm can gaze out proudly over a city that they, in part, are responsible for. Founded in 1946 by the renowned and somewhat revolutionary Swiss architect Werner Stücheli, one of the earliest advocators of high-rise buildings, the company’s rise to prominence was rapid and today it is led by senior architects Christof Glaus, Andreas Mosimann, Matthias Roth, Eva Schaub, Heinz Wegmann and Mathis Tinner. The first generation: rising high

The Stucheli team

94 | Issue 18 | September 2014

Born to a large family in Zurich in 1916, the spirited Werner Stücheli studied architecture at the ETH in Zurich. Whilst there, he studied under two key figures of the Swiss Modernism movement, Rudolf Salvisberg and Hans Hofmann, and their influence