Discover Germany | Issue 17 | August 2014

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Page 40

Be inspired … for years to come Stories define who we are. And your wedding is the start of your individual family history. Wedding photographer Markus Püttmann turns the story of your big day into lasting memories that will be enjoyed long after the last dance.

Capturing the magic

taken from such intriguing angles that it seems the bridal pair are not aware of any observers at all. “My premise is simple”, Püttmann reveals.“I tell the story of one of the most special days of your life from start to finish. Saying that, there are two things I’m prepared for: firstly, your wedding day is not just about love. It is a roller-coaster of emotions: happiness, joy, pride, excitement, and of course... love! A LOT of love! Secondly, nothing,” he stresses, “and I mean, nothing prepares you for how fast the day passes by.”

Looking at the photos on his website and in his blog posts, it is immediately apparent that Markus Püttmann loves his job. The highly sought-after wedding photographer not only shows passion, but also an intuitive sense for the right moment; many of his wedding and engagement images are

“You’ll wish it was possible to freeze time to absorb every moment of your day. My wedding photography aims to capture all of those moments, allowing you to cherish your day for years to come,” explains the talented and ambitious photographer.


Your wedding is a unique event that cannot be repeated. Photo albums are a means of storing those valuable moments and keeping the memories of this day alive – both for you and the generations to come. By the time your children and grandchildren see them though, the majority of today’s photo albums may have lost their appeal due to their low quality – a barrier between your photos and those who would like to appreciate them in the future. Therefore, it makes sense to assign the skills and expertise of a professional wedding photographer who uses only the highest standards

40 | Issue 17 | August 2014

of paper, materials and bookbinding – a key criterion for the quality of a wedding album. Someone who has the experience, skills and quality standards to do just that is Markus Püttmann.