Discover Germany | Issue 12 | March 2014

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D’art: Space Designers How many spaces have you passed through already today? How many do you remember? Modern life sees us constantly passing through countless spaces, some of which can really change us. Meet D’art, Neuss’ space designers, who challenge our perceptions of space. TEXT: PHIL GALE | PHOTOS: D’ART

“More than 20 years, 50 heads, 600 square metres, 10 disciplines, 2,000 projects. And we go on and on,” begins Freddy Justen, one of four managing directors at awardwinning D’art Design Gruppe, as he explains the story of his esteemed company. For 20 years they have been working enthusiastically with their clients to produce spaces that reflect companies’ brands, whilst fulfilling their needs. What makes a space work, what makes a space memorable, and how can a space reflect a company and their brand? These are questions that D’art set out to answer on a day-to-day basis. “As architectural design-

80 | Issue 12 | March 2014

ers our aim is to give the brand a face, whether this is for a shop, trade fair or exhibition. We work to get into the company, find out what their core principles are and then create ‘a spatial brand identity’ if you will,” expands Inge Brueck-Seynstahl, Director Corporate Communications at D’art. “The design process for our team is a long one: we start by really getting to know our clients, finding out what makes them tick and also the core principles of their brand, we call it brand empathy. It is similar to how a psychologist works closely with their clients. Then our team goes off to the ideas phase and works up to the finished product. All the while we are in constant contact

with our clients, making sure we are conveying the message they want.” This close relationship with clients is hugely important to D’art. Brueck-Seynstahl continues: “One of the keys to our company is making sure that our clients get a brand architecture that feels like a second skin. A close personal point of contact is absolutely necessary for this and means that we build a strong relationship with our clients.”One of D’art’s key clients, the sporting goods

From left to right: Jochen Höffler, Guido Mamczur, Freddy Justen, Dieter Wolff