Discover Germany | Issue 11 | February 2014

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Architecture and Design Guide

Architecture put into context tools off.architecture turn vision into reality Munich-based tools off.architecture studio develop projects within the dynamics of future vision and present reality. Distinctive architecture is created based on a unique context, this being the evaluation and analysis of cultural, social and economic factors. Together with a strong network of industry experts, tools off.architecture create genuine architecture, interior and product design. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: TOOLS OFF.ARCHITECTURE

Established in 1992 by interior designer Eva Durant and architect Prof. Andreas Notter, tools off. architecture is based in Munich’s Augustenstrasse, an artsy district right in the city centre.“Working on projects for a possible future is what keeps us awake and gives us the courage to transform an idea into reality. What we experience on site proves something to us again and again:

50 | Issue 11 | February 2014

Every vision can be turned into reality,”Durant explains. A large scale vision requires large scale resources, and that is why Durant and Notter have built up a reliable network of industry experts.“We work with a close network of expert planners and specialist suppliers. The impulse sparked by this teamwork, in conjunction with the demands of our client, is the nucleus of what

Eva Durant and Andreas Notter. Photo: Sammy Hart