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Visit Moesano A region to discover all year around Switzerland is a country that is rich and diverse both geographically and culturally. The region of Moesano, just north of Ticino, is one of Switzerland’s lesser-known travel destinations, but with its high mountains and deep valleys should not be overlooked. TEXT: PHIL GALE | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Nestled on the edge of the canton of Graubünden, but primarily Italian speaking like Ticino, the region of Moesano has more than enough to offer anyone looking to find a lesser-known Swiss retreat. Situated at the foot of the San Bernardino Pass, with the peaks of Puntone dei Fraciòn and Zapporthorn looking down upon it, Moesano is a great place to take in the delights of the Swiss outdoors. ChristianVigne of the region’s tourist board highlights with great enthusiasm: “Three major events characterize the summer season: SanbeRun (running race), Sanbike (mountain bike race) and the transhumance (15th August), all of these take in the

34 | Issue 11 | February 2014

rich and diverse terrain of our beautiful region. For me the best season to visit the region of the Moesano is certainly the summer, but we have great skiing in the winter too.”Skiing then is something that cannot be forgotten by anyone looking to experience the delights on offer here. More specifically the region of the Moesano has some attractions thatVigne feels cannot be missed:“We have two welcoming valleys to discover. The Valle Calanca, and the Valle Mesolcina. The Valle Calanca is ideal for anyone looking to get strictly in contact with nature, being much more wild. The Valle Mesolcina is one for all, characterised by its Grottos (typical restaurant with local dishes), something that families love to dis-

cover. For me, the ultimate excursion is to simply get out and discover the beauty of our nature, our mountain peaks, our wild animals and our typical villages.” An ideal location for anyone looking to get back in touch with nature, whether you are hiking, biking, trekking, in the adventure park or even kayaking, Moesano is easily accessible at any time of the year from Milan or Zurich. Deep in the Lepontine Alps the Moesano region is one for those looking to leave the bustle of everyday life behind and head into the rich countryside that only Southern Switzerland has to offer.