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Attraction of the Month Austria

A truly enlightening dining experience

Dinner in the dark changes perceptions Vienna’s Vier Sinne (four senses) restaurant offers much more than meets the eye. The Dinner in the Dark experience is a culinary journey of a different kind where guests can’t see a thing. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

“80 per cent of the things we perceive are captured with our eyes. In today’s world we are constantly exposed to visual overstimulation. When you turn off the lights, everything changes. All of a sudden our capability to feel, to hear, to smell, or to taste things, bear a completely new meaning,” Emanuael Frass, owner of the Vier Sinne restaurant, explains. Dinner in the Dark just celebrated its fifth birthday in January and has grown into an exciting hospitality concept for private parties as well as corporate functions, attracting guests from far beyond the borders of Vienna. School classes have enjoyed Dinner in the Dark as an educational project and so have couples, who were looking for a very special dining experience. And more and more companies are taking advantage of the restaurant’s seminar facilities. The

22 | Issue 11 | February 2014

Dreamteam team building seminars are a very efficient method of strengthening relationships amongst colleagues.“With eight colleagues we took part in a seminar at the Vier Sinne restaurant…We left the world of the night with a new awareness: The truly important is invisible, one only sees well with the heart…”a guest says. Upon arrival guests are greeted with a glass of bubbly before being guided through the

curtain, which separates the illuminated from the dark area, by blind waiters. Working with blind staff is perfect for the restaurant as guests couldn’t be in better hands. The blind waiters are at total ease with their surrounding and make sure that all guests feel welcomed and relaxed. The chefs in the (illuminated) kitchen use fresh seasonal ingredients to create a delicious four course menu, which is available as a meat, fish or vegetarian option. After dinner, the music volume goes up and party time starts. TheVier Sinne restaurant is highly ranked by impartial voters with more than 4.5 stars on Facebook, Qype and Google, and booking in advance is highly recommended.