Discover Germany, Issue 64, July 2018

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Where are you now? What will bring you forward?

TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE accurate flexible accessible

DIALOGUE/ INTERACTION authentic simple intuitive

DESIGN/ INTERFACE aesthetic innovative sustainable

SERVICE valuable personalised relevant

USER FOCUS inclusive solution-oriented clear

PRODUCT/ CONTENT useful interesting understandable

Martina Lewis.

BRANDING unique timeless supportive

VISIBILITY sensible consistent complementary

We make ideas come to life. We transform plans into working systems, theory into technology, objectives into success. Starting from where you are now.

Courage and collaboration determine success Wishful thinking does not have a good reputation, but it is indeed often a necessary first step in a creative process, followed by a more rational thinking about how to realise these ideal conditions. For the Munich-based company BRANDCODE, wishful thinking is as much a starting point as defining the actual and target state when developing a brand and digital product, making clients partners in a successful collaborative approach. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN  I  PHOTOS: BRANDCODE

Focusing on the optimum effectiveness and best outcome, BRANDCODE turns ideas into tangible solutions: “Deriving from a company’s unique DNA, we develop corporate design concepts that focus on user experience and products that fulfill the requirements of a digital world – no matter if digital solutions and products, websites, platforms, apps or software as a service,”says brand expert Martina Lewis. In short: BRANDCODE develops brands and digital products that advance people and companies, often working with international clients. “When we start working with a new client, we have a very open discussion, because 114  |  Issue 64  |  July 2018

whoever wants to engage with something new, needs a certain flexibility,” says Martina Lewis.“We have developed a kind of ‘wish radar’, not as a finished product, but as a platform for dialogue which allows us to determine how we can contribute to a project’s or company’s future.” Martina Lewis and her colleagues have all worked in leading positions in other agencies before establishing BRANDCODE. With experience came the awareness that the traditional creative agency model is not feasible for developing digital products and that it instead needs an agile approach, a small team and the openness for

a continued involvement of all partners in the process. “What we are interested in is to explore the problems our clients would like to solve and the opportunities for innovation. We do not expect a complete briefing,” says Lewis. “Not working with a fixed brief, of course, requires trust and transparency – on either side. And an awareness for framework and feasibility.” If clients become team members – which is BRANDCODE’s approach – a greater impact is made on the result, and the fear of making mistakes dissolves because adjustments can be made at very different development stages. Sometimes too, both sides will decide that a completely different solution is necessary than anticipated in the first stages of their co-operation. For example, a mere website relaunch can then turn into the renaming of an organisation, if that is indeed the key problem.