Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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Discover Germany  |  Special Theme  |  Taste of Austria Photo: © Nikola Milatovic

Photo: © Nikola Milatovic

Photo: © Nikola Milatovic

A fruitful experience SUSA S MUS, which is in fact Susanne Suppan’s pulp (the English word for ‘mus’), is a multifaceted adventure. People who taste her pulp will go on an exciting journey through Styrian fruits and for Suppan herself, running a one-woman enterprise after working as a lawyer for a long time was quite a change. After five years, she has established a wonderful brand, focused on providing a healthy product of the highest quality.

which inevitably leads to a one-of-a-kind, high-quality product and a pulp, that is as fresh and fruitful as it gets.


The question is not: why pulp? As it is pulp that can give your daily life a fruitful spark or make a delicious dish even more special, while providing you with essential vitamins. People love it in yoghurts, buttermilk and ice cream. Pancakes will flourish with it. Put it in Champagne and discover a whole new sparkle. Do not forget your main meals. Salad dressings, ragout and many more all taste different and exciting with pulp. For Susanne Suppan, the first ideas for SUSA S MUS manifested themselves when she was searching for a jam with less sugar and a more natural sweetness. She looked at the supermarket and at the local markets, but could not find what she was looking for. In the end, she developed a concept herself, leading to a pulp, that only includes a maximum of five per cent of cane sugar and fruits, which 42  |  Issue 47  |  February 2017

are the essence of organic. “I wanted to only use fruits, without additives and of course only use the best of fruits,” explains Suppan. She finds those fruits in her friend’s gardens, in forests and collects them herself. Additionally, she is provided fruits by local Styrian orchardists. All the fruits are deseeded on the day of finding and subsequently flash frozen to preserve their fresh quality and taste. Pulp has been her passion project and initially Suppan took half a year of development and trying out different combinations to find the first pulp, with which she was satisfied. She is still doing that. Each year she is introducing new flavours to her assortment, that includes gooseberryapple, rhubarb-plum and many more. Apart from a little help by her partner, she is doing everything herself and this effort manifests in the result. It is a dedication,

The full assortment of pulps can be found and bought online.

Photo: © Christian Jungwirth