Discover Germany, Issue 47, February 2017

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ELTEN uses the latest engineering technology for the manufacture of their safety shoes.

The revolutionary and highly elastic material makes shoes from ELTEN's new WELLMAXX series even more comfortable to wear.

ELTEN seminar and conference centre ‘Haus Drei Eschen’ in Uedem, the company’s headquarters.

Safety that puts humans first Regardless whether you are a professional builder or a fan of DIY alterations and repairs in your home, safety should always be your utmost concern. TEXT: SILKE HENKELE  I  PHOTOS: ELTEN GMBH

ELTEN is a family-owned company that has been a manufacturer of high-quality safety shoes since 1910. Back then, Johann van Elten, the founder, invented safety shoes made from leather. However, like others in his line of business, he did not pay much attention to comfort or style.

Innovative thinking has secured ELTEN a place among the worldwide leading specialists for safety shoes, and the company sustains this privileged position through continuing research and quality checks, as well as through continuous investments in new production facilities.

Today, the basic principles of safety shoes have undergone considerable changes and ELTEN’s impressive product range is remarkable proof of this fact. ELTEN shoes are not only stylish (some of them look like snazzy trainers), they are also manufactured from the most up-to-date materials. Most of ELTEN’s models have been designed and developed in close cooperation with scientists and medical experts, thus never losing safety standards or their wearers’ comfort out of sight. Moreover, ELTEN has been certified with ISO 14001 for environment management and has been processing leather that has been CO2-friendly tanned for a number of years.

In one of their latest additions, the brand new ELTEN WELLMAXX series, ELTEN processes Infinergy® by BASF, a highly elastic material often used for sports shoes, that not only cushions impacts and thus reduces strain exerted on joints, ligaments and muscles, but also and by way of its high level of resilience passes part of the energy spent back to the wearer. Further results of ELTEN’s latest research campaigns will be introduced at the upcoming trade fair A+A in Dusseldorf.

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As ELTEN is a company that feels deeply about the safety of its customers, it invites those interested in feet safety to partici-

pate in the free seminars ELTEN regularly holds in its conference centre, the ‘Haus Drei Eschen‘ on the company’s premises in Uedem, North Rhine-Westphalia. Should you have any questions concerning ELTEN’s product range or foot safety in general, ELTEN cordially invites you to contact them. If you have found that ELTEN safety shoes are just what you have been looking for, do not hesitate to visit their website; their shoes and accessories can be ordered online. for online orders ELTEN Academy ‘Haus Drei Eschen’ is equipped with the latest conference technology.