Discover Germany, Issue 45, December 2016

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Sense and sensuality Go Interiors stand for sensual design based on technical know-how and building competence. TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI  I  PHOTOS: GO INTERIORS

‘Home is where you feel at home’ applies for both your own space and for your favourite hotels and restaurants.“I’ve grown attached to that place, yet I can’t exactly tell you why!” may be a common remark that visitors pass on to friends about certain places and surroundings they have experienced. Go Interiors know why, because they put the feeling-at-home factor first. In fact, their motto of “creating emotions / feeling@home” is crucial to a philosophy of creating an environment which is both welcoming and mirrors the customer’s personality. Whether through their new online shop or directly at Go Interiors at Zurich’s Seestrasse, customers are welcome to hunt and choose at their leisure while being invited to make use of the team’s professional competence and expertise. Applying a timeless style, Go Interiors aim at creating a feeling of comfort and indulgence. 98  |  Issue 45  |  December 2016

Go Interiors was started 25 years ago as a one-woman office by interior designer Nicole Gottschall. Along with the number of projects, the team has steadily grown through the years and the designer declares that her highest goal was always to implement a high level of technical knowhow without losing sight of the sensual heart of a space. Today, Go Interiors oversee highly complex and challenging technical planning tasks as well as small, private projects. The designer states that both their range of projects and diversity of clientele are a source of inspiration to her. Some clients have to divide their renovation period into phases, due to economic circumstances. This fact often leads to a deepening relationship, much more so than through the usual brief business dealings between designer and customer. There are small and intimate residential projects for private

From top left: Luxury Apartment for rent at Europaallee Zurich. Luxury penthouse in Davos. Luxury Apartment in Ascona. Nicole Gottschall, owner. Oriental Style at

owners as well as large ones for hotels and gastronomy. All clients appreciate the consistent and authentic Go Interiors style, which results in creating a warm and personal ambience. Their recently launched internet presence with Shop the Style ( com) makes Go Interiors design internationally available and, if in Zurich, the sensual approach of testing the haptic qualities of the design is always worth a visit. As the designer says: “Our clients are our motivation and act as a constant inspiration for me.”