Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Dermaroller treatment. Treatment room.

Consultation room.

‘Beauty has many faces’ These days, most women and men who undergo beauty treatments prefer a discreet and very targeted improvement of their looks. The areas that they want “optimised” should look beautiful and aesthetic, but never “done”. This is great news for Dr. Veith Moser and Dr. Shirin Milani who run the Moser Milani Med Spa in Vienna. TEXT: SONJA IRANI I PHOTOS: MED SPA

“I believe that my main strength is to see each person as a whole,” says Dr. Shirin Milani who, like her business partner Dr. Veith Moser, is a specialised doctor in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. “I always follow a holistic approach when I have a consultation with my patients. To me, having just a few wrinkles is not a reason to undergo plastic surgery and I advise my patients to think the same way. It’s the harmonious 70 | Issue 44 | November 2016

arrangement of all the single factors, which make a face look ‘beautiful’.” Moser Milani Med Spa – a revolutionary idea “Our main goal is to enhance our patients’ quality of life,” continues Dr. Milani. “Our modern tools of contemporary medicine and especially those based on reconstructive surgery open up a lot of possibilities. We can now restore parts

of the body that have been destroyed or damaged by accidents, burns or tumours. Consequently, a patient’s quality of life is restored, too.” Reconstructive surgery is also the basis for the aesthetic beauty treatments that Dr. Moser and Dr. Milani offer in their so-called Moser Milani Med Spa – a unique, holistic care centre that offers convenient one-day beauty operations under local anaesthesia or twilight sleep. Furthermore, the patients can indulge in high-quality cosmetic treatments, which range from a simple manicure to a medical peeling, book the newest state-of-theart laser treatments or make use of the in-house hairdressing salon and makeup artists. “We wanted to create a space