Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Dazzling Design for 2017

Contemporary designs from an independent source A classic start up, STANDFEST has gone from working in a garage to creating innovative furniture in their own workshop. Following ideals of quality, value and sustainability, the three designers not only built exquisite furniture, but have also developed a unique company while staying true to their individual roots. TEXT: THOMAS SCHROERS I PHOTOS: STANDFEST BFT

Before STANDFEST became a company and business, there were two pieces of pallet furniture that Tobias Theuer had designed by himself. Upon noticing these while visiting, Benares Haberthür wondered whether the designs could be developed professionally. An idea was born and when the two approached friend and carpenter Florian Janz for help, he joined immediately. Together they are able to manage whatever challenges their business faces. Tobias, as product designer, is the creative force. Benares, who has an economic background, is taking care of finances and marketing and Florian is of course bringing the necessary know how with regard to production. 18 | Issue 44 | November 2016

Initial production started out in a friend’s garage and was subsequently moved into a fully functional workshop. Here products are developed, which not only have a timeless design but practical convenience. “Our designs have a high quality and one is supposed to feel, that we are thinking in the long term,” explains Benares. At the moment the STANDFEST collection is still based around pallets. “Of course, wood is one of the most important ingredients to our life. It is a natural resource and will continue to play a huge role in the future.” Because of the use of wood, each furniture, due to its vein, is

unique and although the idea of using pallets is not new, STANDFEST is taking it to the next level. “All our functional parts, surfaces and design elements are of the highest quality and sophisticatedly constructed.” Always looking for new challenges, the three entrepreneurs are producing their furniture with local partners to be as sustainable as possible. In addition, they have designed their website and corporate identity independently. “We wanted to create our own, implement our own ideas, be creative and define our company ourselves.” At the moment, STANDFEST is developing a new product that will not be concerned with pallets as much. “We have many ideas and concepts in our heads and drawers, which are all waiting to become a reality.”