Discover Germany, Issue 44, November 2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | MEDICA & COMPAMED 2016

Activate your movement


After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2006 and struggling with the news for two years, Dr. Oliver Kromat desired more control over the main symptoms. In 2009 he founded move it, a company that develops and produces systems that enable professional movement training at home. Researching the tremor and the symptoms of reduced mobility, move it found that there are two ways to work on them. First through passive movement of the respective body part and secondly by generating waves (1-20Hz) that move through that body part. With these ideas in mind, three systems were developed. The fingerwave, which moves your fingers, the handtwist, which works with forearm, wrist and hands and the armshake, which is training the whole arm. All of the systems significantly loosen the muscles, which has a positive effect on the Parkinson’s tremor and on increasing mobility. Not restricted to Parkinson’s, the systems also help stroke patients, arthrosis and other movement disorders.

In 2015, move it revised the armshake and fingerwave. The new version of fingerwave was developed within the central innovation programme for the mittelstand together with the Ruhr University Bochum. Its advantages include an active/passive mode, allowing the patient to witness the success of training immediately. Due to its easy handling, the system is even more suitable for home use and training without additional help. fingerwave.

The new armshake is not only making a difference with regard to diseases. It relaxes the muscles and is able to work on cramps that occur in everyday life. In fact, it even stimulates the neck and can solve headache problems that originate in the neck and often stem from sitting at a desk for longer periods at work or at home. At MEDICA you can find move it in Hall 4, Booth B44 armshake.


Providing winning healing solutions The success of NAWA Heilmittel GmbH is based on their scientifically backed concept of supporting the body’s self-healing abilities when it comes to wound treatment and prevention.

and sensible way, NAWA strives to make life and sports life easier through providing the latest innovations while exercising a strict and continuous quality control.

TEXT: CORNELIA BRELOWSKI I PHOTOS: NORBERT BERGLER As managing director Thomas Riesinger states: “NAWA’s intelligent healing products understand the nature of wounds.” With expertise that goes back more than 25 years, NAWA provide the right solutions for treating acute as well as chronic injuries. They started out with a bang through cooperating with the German national soccer team in 1990, who won that year’s World Cup. Ever since, the NAWA team have continuously engaged in scientific research on wound healing and tissue repair, in close cooperation with partners such as the Friedrich-Alexander-University ErlangenNuremberg or as part of the ‘High Tech Program for Bavaria, Master projects medical technology’ grant project. Thus, 108 | Issue 44 | November 2016

NAWA products are always in line with the latest state of scientific knowledge. Safe, doping free and universally applicable for all age groups, the company’s remedies are being trusted by doctors, physiotherapists and other medical specialists as well as sportsmen and women and multinational clubs and companies. Private persons also draw benefit from NAWA research. For example, the latest stretch mark treatment product of the StriaSan line derives from their recent collagen synthesis research results and both prevents and controls skin and tissue marks during pregnancy as well as boosting its recovery after childbirth. Based on the concept of supporting the body in a natural and physiologically wise