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Left: ChipOverBoard Above: Serial nvSRAM.

Above left: Managing director Andreas Scade. Above Middle: Managing director Dr. Stefan Guenther. Above left: ANVO-Systems’ headquarters in Dresden.

Safe and cost-effective storage solutions from ANVO-Systems Dresden ANVO-Systems was formed in 2009 as a fabless semiconductor company based in Dresden, in the heart of the so-called Silicon Saxony known for its dynamic environment for high-tech expertise, both with technology companies and local universities. TEXT: STIAN SANGVIG I PHOTOS: ANVO-SYSTEMS

“We were a group of specialists employed by different companies in the area at the time and, motivated by our own dedication to data storage and security, we decided to join forces and form ANVO-Systems,”marketing director Bernd Dahlheimer explains. Today the company has more than 20 employees and has expanded into a company offering a broad range of fast, non-volatile and monolithic data storage solutions for the industrial and communication environments. Examples include industrial automation, smart meters, medical electronics, building automation and Internet of Things. “We are already selling our solutions all over Europe, and we are currently expand78 | Issue 43 | October 2016

ing into the United States and Asia,” Dahlheimer continues. Having grown significantly over a short period of time ANVO-Systems’ solutions offer a number of advantages over those of their competitors.“In addition to the lower power consumption and higher speed our solutions are very safe and will save all system relevant data in any unexpected event such as power failure,” Dahlheimer argues. In addition, ANVO-Systems´ solutions offer the unique ’secure write’ feature, which makes sure that data and addresses that have been corrupted due to noise, voltage spikes or other negative influences on the system´s database will not be stored in the device. This feature saves software develop-

ment time and cost for ANVO´s customers. The solutions by ANVO-Systems will safely store and secure system critical data much faster than conventional solutions while making sure that only correct data will be stored, thus helping to enhance the security and reliability of customers’ systems. In order to offer their customers a ’onestop shop’ and secure complimentary skills for complete solutions ANVO-Systems have formed strategic alliances with X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG and Melexis N.V. for production and development. ANVO-Systems is enjoying success for its young age and is already present in three continents. ”Our goal is to grow at least 30 per cent per year,” Dahlheimer concludes. In a world in which the combination of safe storage with fast access at low energy consumption is key it is hard to see where ANVO-Systems can go wrong. www.anvo-systems-dresden.com

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Discover Germany, Issue 43, October 2016  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 43, October 2016  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.