Discover Germany, Issue 41, August2016

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Consumer Electronic & Software Trends 2016

Transforming business:

Not only making services and processes digital, but mobile Digital transformation is one of the key challenges, yet many companies are struggling with it. In most cases digitalisation means going mobile. But finding the right strategy and partner is not easy, especially since technology changes so fast. Munich-based mobile consultancy bellboxx is an expert in this field.

individual service providers, but only one to take care of all their potential and diverse mobile projects.


Whether it is operating and controlling processes, visualising them, marketing, sales or communication, at one point digitalisation certainly means developing mobile solutions in the form of apps, virtual reality or connected solutions. Technology, services and the market are very complex and often companies do not have the necessary experts in-house. “This is where we come into play and take clients by the hand,”says bellboxx founder Ingo-Marc Ferdini, a mobile veteran with more than 17 years of experience. The bellboxx - mobile internet services GmbH was founded in 2006 by two

former Vodafone and Orange managers. Both wanted to use their knowledge, experience and diverse network to consult others on how to develop a mobile strategy, what to think of designing and launching successful apps or virtual reality solutions and how to deal with the whole mobile lifecycle. “We consult clients from all sectors on the right strategy, technology, products and services, we develop a concept and organise the technical implementation process,” says Ferdini. The decisive advantage working with bellboxx is that clients no longer need to contact many

Above: bellboxx founder Ingo-Marc Ferdini

Discovering Ibiza’s best beaches using a mobile phone guide Apps have become important in people’s business and in everyday life. The Cologne-based software service provider develops native and cross-media apps that offer users not only fun but great service. has developed ‘Find your beach – Ibiza’ for iOS and Android, an app that makes carrying heavy guidebooks obsolete.

various software solutions, among them app development for iPhone, Android or Windows phones or hybrid solutions with full frontend and backend service.


As the title implies, ‘Find your beach – Ibiza’ is dedicated to Ibiza’s beaches. It not only delivers all the necessary information like beach descriptions, footage shot by drone cameras or navigation from current location to a chosen beach, its unique selling point is its social media function. Users themselves determine the app’s content, for example by uploading pictures or commenting on other users’ content. In future versions, users will be able to start their own thread about new beaches they have discovered and enjoyed visiting 68 | Issue 41 | August 2016

or other special topics. It will also allow people to communicate with each other. This lively and dynamic environment – great pictures and videos included – is not only very functional but also a great deal of fun, even for people who are not on the island yet but are dreaming about their next holiday. The Find-your-beach-app is a 100 per cent in-house production of Appside. me – from the first concept, to data research and programming the app. As IT service provider, offers

Left: Look at the most recent photo uploads. Right: 65 beaches of various kinds are waiting for you.