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Above: mySugr’s Logbook app (left)

Modernising diabetes therapy Diabetes is still a chronic and incurable disease which many people developed in their childhood years. Therapy is arduous and exhausting and thus, many diabetics lose their motivation to adequately take care of their illness and therefore risk their health. Vienna-based start-up company mySugr wants to revolutionise and simplify today’s diabetes therapy with innovative mobile all-round care. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: MYSUGR

Founded in 2012, mySugr seeks to turn diabetes therapy into something positive and improve the quality of life of people with this condition.“Living with diabetes honestly sucks. Upon diagnosis we have to be acutely aware about every little thing we do - in fact we have to make around 50 therapy-related decisions every day, completely on our own. We provide our users with consistent all-round care for the lonely time in between doctor visits,” explains Frank Westermann, CEO of mySugr. A team of 30 experts – many of them having lived with type 1 diabetes since their childhood - have developed mySugr.“We have our own view on therapy and our experience helped to develop the products.Thus, mySugr belongs to the first patient-driven companies and works closely alongside doctors

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and diabetes experts,”adds Westermann. As diabetes is an extremely data-driven illness, people with diabetes have to calculate and interpret blood sugar levels, quantity of carbohydrates and insulin units to make daily therapy decisions. Data is not only necessary for the doctor to adjust the therapy, but also helps people with diabetes to understand and manage their illness. Thus, the company has developed a suit of diabetes apps: Logbook, Academy, Importer and Quiz.The Logbook app is mySugr’s most popular app with around 500,000 registered users. Collecting all therapy data in one place, mySugr has integrated blood sugar measuring devices transferring blood sugar levels automatically to the app. It also offers a playful component to keep up motivation. For example, users can play

The Logbook app (middle) The mySugr team (right) Below: The mySugr office

Health-Challenges to improve certain therapy aspects. Westermann says:“We are convinced that the combination of a playful therapy approach, medical purpose and high quality makes our products great.”He adds: “People often write to us about how our app helped them to not only improve their HbA1c levels, but also in changing their view on therapy and finally getting their diabetes under control. This makes us really proud.”mySugr puts special emphasis on listening to customers, while also taking medical-regulatory requirements very seriously. Thus, their apps are classified in Europe as medical products of risk class 1 (Logbook) and 2B (bolus calculator) or registered at the FDA in the USA (Logbook).