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Treating patients comprehensively Doctors Christian Schwegler and Julia Schwegler are not conventional medical practitioners. At Praxis Schwegler, their therapy centre in Bottmingen near Basel, the couple offer a holistic therapy programme for the body and soul, as well as coaching and communications training. In their affiliated training institute the two doctors also educate people on medical hypnosis. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: PRAXIS SCHWEGLER I KANTONSSPITAL BASELLAND

“We put emphasis on a holistic approach. For us, this means to treat patients physically, psychologically and naturopathically,” says Christian Schwegler. Thus, all employed doctors of‘Practice Schwegler’worked in the physical-medical field, have a complete psychotherapy education and were also trained in the field of naturopathy. The practice has specialised on systemic, hypnosystemic and hypnotherapeutic psychotherapy, as well as on traditional Chinese medicine with special expertise in traditional and shockwave acupuncture.

a different way. Acupuncture can help when there aren’t treatable structural damages, as often is the case with migraine or insomnia for example. Hypnotherapy enables us to experience psychotherapy with all senses, thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of just talking about it. Thus, a patient gets a more intense experience which achieves quicker successes and more effective treatment.”This expertise has been extended into offering business and family coaching for individuals or groups, communications training and coaching for athletes, musicians and actors.

But why this fascination for hypnotherapy and acupuncture? Christian Schwegler explains: “When I tried out both as a patient, these techniques brought about intense changes in me.”He adds:“Acupuncture fascinates me because it treats medical problems in

As the Schwegler team has had trained doctors, therapists and psychotherapists in the DACH region since 2008, the practice decided to found the Swiss Institute for Medical Hypnosis. Here, a team of five therapists educates doctors and therapists in hypnother-

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apy and medical hypnosis through two-day long, well-structured and engaging introductory, advanced and technical seminars in Basel.“We pass on profound knowledge and, at the same time, our seminars are really entertaining. The fact that 90 per cent of our introductory course graduates also visit our advanced courses, is a huge compliment and shows that we do a great job,”smiles Christian Schwegler. All lecturers are doctors or psychologists who work with hypnotherapy on a daily basis and small seminar sizes contribute to an engaging learning atmosphere. “Last but not least, our food is great,”laughs Christian Schwegler.“My wife organises the catering and while our lecturers get good grades on our evaluation sheets, the food gets an A+ with a little star.” Main image: Christian Schwegler (right) and Julia Schwegler (left). © Praxis Schwegler Above, from left: They also offer coaching and communications training. © Praxis Schwegler Christian Schwegler was invited as a lecturer for a symposium on burnout. © Kantonsspital Baselland Christian Schwegler teaches at a congress. © Kantonsspital Baselland