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Offering high-quality furniture since 1912 Behr Einrichtung GmbH in Wendlingen sells modern and classic furniture that is known for its sustainable and aesthetic design. With over 100 years of experience, the company has established itself as one of the leading centres for exquisite furniture and first-class service. TEXT: NADINE CARSTENS I PHOTOS: BEHR EINRICHTUNG GMBH

Imagine a house in which the furniture, the colours and the composition harmonise perfectly; where one feels comfortable and where the sofa, tables and curtains are of a timeless design. Most people wish to give their home a personal touch, but finding items that match their ideas is not always easy. This is why a visit to Behr Einrichtung in Wendlingen promises to make your design ambitions a reality. The furniture store in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany describes itself as “house of good forms” and is well known for having a long tradition of fine home

20 | Issue 34 | January 2016

decor. Nowadays headed by director Reiner Single, his wife Stefanie Single and sales manager André Kalcher, Behr Einrichtung is undoubtedly a leading centre for chic and sustainable furniture. In a showroom of 3,500 square metres, customers can find a broad range of highquality pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories.“Furniture is our passion: we do not simply advise our customers, we in fact accompany them during the whole process of arranging the different objects at home or in the office,”says Kalcher. Therefore, he

describes both thinking and acting holistically as major feature of the company.“We also bear in mind in how far the whole room changes when we place a new object in there.”Thanks to a skilled team of interior designers, architects, cabinet makers and interior decorators, the company is able to offer solutions that are perfectly tailored to the buyers’wishes. Still, the furniture experts do not hesitate to advise customers against their decision if they are convinced that a different solution is better.“Honesty is the best policy,”Kalcher says. No disposables, but chic items of high sustainability Honesty, quality and commitment are just a few of the company’s key values. They are the reason why the furniture store already has such an extensive history. “Our customers are thankful when they see what