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fenhofen a.d. Ilm and the process services for Energiehaus Dresden e.G. Strategic approach to business success With their long-standing process expertise, efficiency and service quality, SIV Utility Services GmbH enable their partners to focus on details. Speaking metaphorically, the German services provider helps clients with perfecting their business choreography: "We take care of the messy part and duty so that our customers can have the freestyle. For municipal water utilities and energy suppliers, for example, we handle their daily operations and customer communication so that they gain peace of mind to carry out their projects and grow sustainably,” explains Jan-Hendrik Semkat. Combining a plethora of technical skills, expertise, industry knowledge and a holistic work philosophy, SIV Utility Services GmbH takes pride in accompanying their clients from the preliminary planning phase to the realisation and implementation of utility services in a changing energy market. Right, from top: SIV Utility Services GmbH Management Claudia Schröder (Head of Business Development) and Jan-Hendrik Semkat (CEO). Management team. Employees. Customer Service Team.

Interview with Jan-Hendrik Semkat, CEO of SIV Utility Services GmbH What business philosophy does SIV Utility Services GmbH embrace? “Although our market is very technical and complex, our services are ultimately always about people and helping to make their lives easier; we care about our employees, our clients and their customers, and our partners. This motivates me and my colleagues to be responsible in providing the highest quality and process solutions that support our customers and communities.” How does your work affect energy consumers and providers? “Most people can freely choose their energy supplier and are then billed for the metred energy they use. But how does the electricity or gas get to their house? What makes up their bill? Customers are usually not aware of all the business processes and accounting that goes on in the background. Our company manages these ‘background’ processes in several ways. We specialise in providing services that make it easier and more transparent for energy providers and consumers to communicate with each other.”

What are the greatest challenges for the energy and utility industries in the next five years? “The future of the energy industry is digital. The increasing integration of decentralised production plants and households brings the use of sustainable green energy to a new level. Intelligent measuring systems in conjunction with Smart Home solutions involve a repertoire of possibilities – all of which are not yet foreseeable. Moreover, we have been part of the Energiewende for many years and want to continue working with renewable energies such as wind, solar and water.”

Portrait: Jan-Hendrik Semkat, CEO SIV Utility Services GmbH

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