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With several offices across Germany, the competency of BÖGER + JÄCKLE is divided into planning, consulting, inspecting and supervising. “Because the different project phases are interdependent, all our specialised engineers cooperate closely,” Hartmann explains. While having realised great projects in the past, BÖGER + JÄCKLE are not resting themselves on their accomplishments.“We incorporate our experience into our new projects and thus develop modern concepts while finding solutions even for the most difficult tasks,” H. P. Hartmann says. He adds:“Our dedication shows in each of our projects. Some impress with their design; others with their innovative technology.”

Expertise and experience for over 50 years Henstedt-Ulzburg’s BÖGER + JÄCKLE offer engineering services of the highest level. Covering the entire spectrum of modern infrastructure planning, the firm impresses their clients with high-quality, comprehensive planning and consultation. It's no wonder that BÖGER + JÄCKLE have been able to hold their ground in the industry since 1961.

When Dipl.-Ing. Böger and Dipl.-Ing. Jäckle founded the engineering office BÖGER +

88 | Issue 30 | September 2015

www.boeger-jaeckle.de Main image: Baakenhafen Bridge in Hamburg’s HafenCity (BÖGER + JÄCKLE: tendering, local site supervision, site management, processing of the static, constructive and welding examination)


Each day we drive through streets, tunnels and over bridges and don’t notice the numerous engineering structures around us. Often only architects become publicly recognised. However, the planning, designing, constructing, as well as construction management and supervision of engineers is as important because buildings need to fulfil several demands in regards to safety, usability and economical use of resources.

The award-winning Baakenhafen Bridge in Hamburg’s HafenCity is one example of their magnificent work which produced a creative, sustainable and technically outstanding construction. Especially impressive is the technical solution for an occasional opening: The 30-metre-wide element in the bridge’s middle can be lifted and moved with a pontoon which reacts to tides. The design of the bridge brings together various aspects: all functional demands get fulfilled but at the same time the bridge is attractive and pedestrians are able to cross safely while enjoying magnificent views. This project shows that we should start to open our eyes to engineering solutions surrounding us.

JÄCKLE around 50 years ago, their core competency was to plan, design and build bridges. This has significantly changed as their range of services has grown to include several civil engineering tasks such as tunnels, streets, harbours, parks or buildings. Today, requirements have become more demanding so that special know-how is increasingly vital.“If something needs to be welded, a special welding engineer is needed. These and other experts are available at BÖGER + JÄCKLE,”Dipl.-Ing. H.P. Hartmann, managing partner, notes.

Below: The Baakenhafen Bridge intended to connect the HafenCity’s South and to combine quick crossing for cars with an abode quality for pedestrians.

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Discover Germany, Issue 30, September 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany, Issue 30, September 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.