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Tailored to you Show your outfits some love and get them tailored exactly to your individual requests at Germany-based fashion brand Wiebelhaus - SIMPLY WEAR. Unusual fabric/cut combinations will do the rest to make you stand out. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: WIEBELHAUS - SIMPLY WEAR

Label founder Stefanie Wiebelhaus’ specialty is the combination of extraordinary fabrics with a classic cut as well as exceptional cuts with classic fabrics.“When you cut a classic trench coat out of a raincoat polyester fabric, it immediately creates a whole new look,” Wiebelhaus describes one of her extraordinary blends. Another example is the classic 1950s ‘Jacky O style’coat made into an instant eye catcher thanks to its new wool outer fabric. Equally characteristic for Wiebelhaus, who has previously worked for such prestigious labels as Comma, Art To Be, Berit Katharina Mohr and Joop, is her exclusive made to measure service for which garments can be created completely from scratch according to her clients’ individual wishes. “I really enjoy the technical implementation of my

16 | Issue 30 | September 2015

ideas on the computer as well as bringing it to life by draping my designs on an actual model,”the certified clothing technician explains.“When creating these unique pieces, I always look at the personality and life experiences of my client.This helps me to determine, for example, which colour would work best to let this particular client shine.” The talented tailor’s studio in the Palatine region of Germany offers a relaxed environment in which to discuss such a bespoke creation. While there, you may also encounter some British hospitality traits that the designer has taken on while living inYork for a year.“I found it refreshing and inspiring that the British use the word ‘thank you’at least twice in every sentence,” she smiles. In terms of fashion role models, Wiebelhaus admires Jil Sander and Phoebe

Above: Stefanie Wiebelhaus in her studio. Photo: Nina Flauaus (left) SIMPLY WHITE range. Photo: Anja Jahn (middle) SIMPLY EVENT range. Photo: Anja Jahn (right) Below: Stefanie Wiebelhaus. Photos: M Kuenzli

Philo.“Both are known for clear, straightforward designs and expressiveness,” she says.“Philo additionally adds subtle feminine elements to her designs, which I find important. More and more women are now discovering the empowering effect of embracing their feminine side in their everyday business wear. I think that’s a great development.”

Discover Germany, Issue 30, September 2015  

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