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ning zip was a total novelty on the market. Since then, the ZIP has been revamped many times over so that it still offers the fashion-conscious customer exactly those features she is looking for. In addition to her shoe range, Stefi Talman offers matching accessories, purses and handbags.“One of the most popular items is the CLAM purse,”states the design talent.“It has been on offer since 1998. The design has not been changed, but it is now available in many different colour variations.” When working, Talman loves creating contrasts with both colours and materials. “My favourite out of the special ZIP collection for autumn / winter 2015 / 2016 is the PIZ style, a buskin with a 65 millimetre stiletto heel,”she reveals.“It is made out of textile in the tweed look with trimmings at the heel and the top of the shoe. I like that kind of interaction between different materials and textures.” Rediscovered gems When it comes to Talman’s new autumn / winter 2015 collection, many classics shine in new light.“The ZIP and PIZ styles will enter the market once more in a fresh design with coated checks – a reminiscence to the punk fashion,”discloses Talman. Playing on themes from the 1970s and 1980s, the colours of Talman’s newest shoes range

Colour up your winter Unusual designs, sustainable fashion and the highest quality of traditional handicraft: All that combined is Swiss designer Stefi Talman. Now, the Zurich shoe label presents its new autumn / winter collection and proves how easily her customers can brighten up the dark winter days. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: STEFI TALMAN

This winter, why not rebel a bit by taking out your punk pumps or changing the outfit of your stilettos to match the tweed look? Stefi Talman’s extraordinary new leather goods collection has all that in store. The

14 | Issue 29 | August 2015

success story of Zurich-based shoemaker Stefi Talman started in the 1980s when she revolutionised the shoe fashion scene by inventing her unique ZIP style shoe. Back then, the buskin with the transverse run-

Portrait: Stefi Talman