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Green Business of the Month Germany

A prime example of sustainable entrepreneurship One litre of sunlight in just one jar! The solar powered glass jars bearing the name SONNENGLAS™ are eco-friendly, truly sustainable and improve the quality of life of countless people in the heart of South Africa. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: SONNENGLAS™

In 2011, electrical engineer Harald Schulz invented the solar powered light made of recycled glass jars in order to facilitate locals in remote areas with a source of light without electricity. Schulz left a comfortable corporate life behind to pursue a new path of helping those less fortunate in South Africa. The SONNENGLAS™ was born and a fairytale like story of successful Third World aid started. Within a few months 15 employees were part of the SONNENGLAS™ factory staff team, the

106 | Issue 29 | August 2015

number doubled swiftly and today 70 people are working happily under fair conditions. And the team is constantly growing. Everyone is most welcome to see for themselves what Schulz has established.Visitors are always surprised by the company culture which makes the workforce appear like a big and happy family rather than a bunch of work colleagues.“It is totally different from what one would expect when entering a production plant,”Stefan Neubig, distribution and brand manager at

SONNENGLAS™ / Consol Solar Jar™ says. “The SONNENGLAS™ production offers much more than just a work place to the people, who mainly come from the