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Great Spa & Wellness Destinations

The new corporate treat Spa and wellness hotels have rapidly gained popularity over recent years, leading the trend for healthier lifestyles and being at ease with body and soul. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTO: RUZAIMY

While individuals have spent years happily booking into relaxing hotels with lavish spas, saunas, pools, beauty and gym facilities, corporations now appear to be jumping on the train to total relaxation too. Pampering time is no longer restricted to private individuals, as companies have discovered a way to keep their workforce happier and healthier through wellness. Let’s take a look at the US, where corporate wellness programmes and the pro-

motion of healthy lifestyles amongst employees is on the rise. According to a survey conducted by the US non-profit organisation The National Business Group on Health together with financial experts Fidelity Investments, American employers are investing strongly in growing corporate wellness and health-focussed programmes for their employees. Over two thirds of employers now offer some form of corporate wellness programme, worth an average €652 per employee compared

to €404 five years ago. Amongst the most popular workplace wellness programmes of 2015, expect to see biometric screenings, health risk assessments and physical activity programmes. Massage vouchers, beauty treatments, etc. for the workforce members are no longer considered just fringe benefits, but important tools to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. On a larger scale, corporate off-sites in luxurious wellness hotels are gaining popularity too. So next time you enter a spa area, don’t be surprised if your colleague turns up right next to you followed by your boss, all clad in fluffy white hotel robes with matching slippers. And if the company you work for is not as forward-thinking and health-conscious as the Americans yet, it may be time to drop the HR department a little hint. On the following pages we present a wonderful selection of hotels, which are perfect for a wellness trip – regardless of whether it’s private or corporate.

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