Discover Germany | Issue 25 | April 2015

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Page 84

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Portrait: Irene Lucas

Lucas Coaching and Consulting Professional advice for police and judiciary “One day I am working with security police, the other with criminal investigators, the next I am at a penal institution,” says Irene Lucas, supervisor, coach and organizational developer. Her everyday work brings her into contact with blue-light organizations such as police and prison officers – always close to those doing their duty. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Irene Lucas had worked as an executive in PR and marketing for many years before in 2006 she educated herself to become a supervisor and coach. Today she works with various partners in Lucerne, Zurich, Chur and St. Gall. It is a relatively new development in police organizations to engage external consultants when it comes to organizational development and supervision: Modernizing structures and processes have recently called into question bureaucratically and hierarchically shaped decision structures. Management tools and business related questions have become more and more important. At the same time the roles and self-images of police officers are chang-

84 | Issue 25 | April 2015

ing. One example is the increasing number of women working in the police. These changes may cause feelings of insecurity or threat, which can lead to a defensive attitude or even resistance. This is why it is so important that policemen and policewomen feel they can trust a trainer or supervisor – as they do with Irene Lucas. Weakness and fear of failure for example, are still a taboo no one likes to talk about. Above that most police officers do not like to give out personal information since collecting and evaluating data is part of their everyday work. Not the same but related problems can be found with those working in prisons and of course in regular business companies.

Trust is the base for a deeper insight. This has to be taken into consideration: “It is very important for my success that I do not only know the structures of police organizations, but also have a deep knowledge of police culture and an understanding for their special needs,”says Irene Lucas. For Irene Lucas coaching, supervision and organizational consulting are the ideal consulting formats for the business world – no matter if dealing with individuals, groups, teams or organisations: “These tools can positively and sustainably influence behaviours and relationships in working environments. Professional support ensures learning, development and change processes. It is an investment in every corporation’s and organisation’s most important resource: In people.”