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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Design Guide 2015 Far left: Wallpaper with office illustration – without additional shelving. Left: Wallpaper with office illustration – with additional shelving. Below: Wallpaper with wardrobe illustration and added shelves and hooks. (left) Wallpaper with illustration of a fireplace room with added shelves. (right)

Surprising and functional living

says. The outcome is an exceptional idea: a wallpaper design with individually painted pictures which can also be turned into a shelf and storage space. All pictures are painted with watercolour and coloured pencils on a scale of one to five before they are printed onto a fleece wallpaper on a realistic scale. What is special is that every taPETI motif comprises a ‘hidden assembly plan’ which makes it possible to combine the wallpaper with suitable boltless shelves or hooks, thus adding functionality. On individual customer requests, taPETI will create a unique wallpaper according to preference. “This is especially interesting for commercial areas such as hotels or waiting rooms, which we also supply with our tailor made creations,” Gerd Langner explains.

Intelligently and individually blending decoration and function, Germany’s online shop taPETI designs extraordinary wall decorations in scenery optic, an individual form of the Trompe-l’oeil. Look forward to design which calls for a creative contribution as opposed to carving out an authoritative existence.

The possibilities are endless, reaching from individual storage space for stationary, garden, kitchen or garage accessories and clothes to the design of one's very own fireplace, dressing table, new wardrobe and chandelier, a window overlooking a courtyard, to fun designs for childrens’ rooms – taPETI leaves no room for desire when it comes to a fresh and exceptional approach to wall design and storage space.



“For us, design is good when it tells a story and when you are also able to discover something new at the second or third glance,” Gerd Langner, owner of the company and master painter, explains.“We find that living needs to be fun and needs to surprise. We want our designs to bring pleasure and conjure a smile on the face,” Petra Langner, illustrator of the wall design and company owner, adds. Couple Gerd and Petra Langner merged their expertise and creativity in 2014 to establish taPETI, turning their idea into reality and pursuing their passion for extraordinary living space.“We had this idea to combine two familiar components of the living area and to create something totally new with this,” Petra Langner

28 | Issue 25 | April 2015

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Discover Germany | Issue 25 | April 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany | Issue 25 | April 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.