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Enjoy sending letters Imagine a time when sending a letter is not a strenuous effort. When walking to the post office and using printers, paper, envelopes or stamps is a thing of the past. Pingen made it their goal to facilitate your life with the creation of a special online service. Sending letters has never been easier. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF

“Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use, automated solution that has no setup costs and enables you to send the first letter within minutes. Basically we make the process of sending letters a commodity,” Sandro Kunz, CEO, says.The business from Zurich aims for the substitution of manual procedures.“We try to automate and standardise the process so that posting letters becomes very simple with just one click,” Sandro Kunz explains. Today, about 90 per cent of Pingen‘s letter volume is invoices. “Postal invoices are a very interesting market segment for us as

56 | Issue 24 | March 2015

corporate customers are looking for opportunities to further enhance and automate their billing processes,”Sandro Kunz says. Just one click Pingen facilitates sending documents via postmail from anywhere in the world. Just create the letter and Pingen will take care of the rest. Register with your email address, top up your credit balance via credit card, PayPal or via invoice. Write your first letter online or upload existing documents and have them sent as physical letters by the push of a button.

Business customers, who send more than 1,000 letters per month, can benefit from mass discounts and monthly subscriptionpossibilities.“The more you buy, the better the prices we offer,”Sandro Kunz says. Customers have a choice of uploading letters to their website, send them via email, directly connecting to the company’s open API or integrating Pingen with cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox or Google drive. “Thanks to our open API, business customers can seamlessly integrate Pingen into their workflows or connect us to their existing software solutions,” Sandro Kunz explains. A special focus is put on the security of the clients’data.“Confidentiality has the highest priority in our company. All data is used exclusively to deliver your letter