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Portrait: Gregor Winkelmayr (left) with a colleague Fritz Helml.

Law firm with focus on trust, transparency and internationalism Attorney at Law MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr, MBA, LL.M. (Essex) sees itself as a legal-services provider with a particular emphasis on client benefit. Since 2013, the firm from Vienna decided to go their own service-oriented and efficient way in giving legal advice based on a trustful and transparent cooperation between lawyer and client.

Gregor Winkelmayr’s law, economic sciences, business and international trade law studies equipped him with extensive legal and economic expertise, which helps with finding solutions without the appointment of external specialist knowledge.


A special focus on internationality stems from Gregor Winkelmayr’s studies in Great Britain and his numerous stays abroad. International clients, a network of national and international cooperation partners and being a member and founder of the International Trade Lawyers‘ Network, enables the firm to provide bilingual advice and the best on-site partners, alongside its own know-how. “In a globalised world, internationalism is essential for success and work in the field of legal advice. Today, many contracts are written in English due to the economic interconnection between countries and the diverse contractual relationships between companies. A large number of our clients live abroad or German is not their mother-tongue, which is why we have to communicate in English with them,” Gregor Winkelmayr says.

64 | Issue 22 | January 2015

Clients appreciate the extensive specialist knowledge, accurate working processes, excellence in customer service, the immediate availability of lawyers, the entrepeneurial economic thinking, the multidimensional examination of problems and the varied solutions offered.“Legal interest representation is a highly interactive and inclusive service process. Therefore, it is a special concern for us to build a trusting and transparent cooperation between lawyer and client to successfully represent their interests,” Gregor Winkelmayr says. He goes on: “Thanks to the use of new technologies and the slim structure of the law firm, we are able to work for the client’s success in a targeted manner and without administrative hurdles.”

National and international clients, such as private persons and companies are advised with the firm’s focus on contractual-, civil, inheritance-, company-, civil-, corporateand economic law with a specialisation in arbitration in these fields. “Because of our specialisation, we are equipped with extensive experience with legal disputes in all areas of economic legislation. We can therefore offer a high degree of knowledge and experience, both procedurally and tactically, and a high quality standard,” Gregor Winkelmayr says.


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Discover Germany | Issue 22 | January 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany | Issue 22 | January 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.