Discover Germany | Issue 20 | November 2014

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Objects of design and desire Design objects come to life through integration and inspiration Momentum, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a design consultancy firm engaged in the various facets of industrial design. Since its founding by Sven Adolph in 2001 the firm has been trusted to lend its expertise in design to many leading international and local brands. TEXT: JAIME SCHWARTZ | PHOTOS: MOMENTUM DESIGN

Located in the city’s creative hub, known as the NOERD building, Momentum is situated among a variety of professionals in the creative field.The building’s eclectic mix of smaller scale businesses, from the artisanal to the technological, is demonstrative of the contemporary movement towards thoughtful design in all aspects of our lives. As Mr. Adolph says, “Objects attain their significance by engaging us physically and emotionally. They play a significant role in shaping experiences.”This notion of connecting design to the larger picture has always been part of Sven's design philosophy. The relationship between object and user is central to his design approach and

32 | Issue 20 | November 2014

work methodology. “Today when I am working on a design I try to see the final form of an object less as the end of the design process and more as the beginning of the user’s experience.” For Mr. Adolph the core of a user’s experience is found not only in valuing how a design object can improve our lives but how it can inspire the way we live.“In the design process I ask myself: How can the shape of a DVD player make playing a movie or listening to music something special to be celebrated? Is a couch table a surface for placing objects or is it also a place to showcase a personal collection of books, artworks and

other objects?” By concerning himself with these types of user oriented questions Sven is able to create a design which imparts a meaningful experience.To him, the ultimate sign of a design's success is when an object of his becomes a cherished possession instead of a purely useful one. Considering the emotional potential of an object was a concept Mr Adolph was first introduced to while studying at the CranBelow: Sven Adolph. Photo: Patricia Parinejad, Berlin