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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Great Austrian Wine

No risk, no fun

Main image, left: Ried terraces Sonnleiten Above: Gruner Veltliner Weinviertel DAC, Zeiseneck Bottom, left: Roman Josef Pfaffl

Young and vibrant winemaker Roman Josef Pfaffl is committed to delivering the highest quality possible, but he is equally ready to explore new pathways in order to create that truly unique peppery Pfaffl.

Bottom, right: Vinotheque


Together with sister Heidemarie Fischer, the Austrian has recently taken over the management of the family business. The two wine experts trust the traditional rituals for the creation of their award-winning wines. “We own several detached locations in our region, spread around an area of 20 km in ten different communities. This results in a range of very different soil and climate characteristics, which in turn allows us to offer a great variety of different types of wine,” explains Fisher. “We are well known for our huge range of Grüner Veltliner wines. From the peppery, fresh and lively Weinviertel DAC to the very powerful, long-lasting Weinviertel DAC Reserve.” But the soil is not the only secret that makes the Pfaffl wine so utterly unique. Leaving

48 | Issue 13 | April 2014

the berries in the vineyard for another month after they are ripe might be a risky business, but in the end it pays off for Roman Josef Pfaffl. His dry red and white wines, as well as the elegant St. Laurents range, are characterized by a greater finesse and a special taste.

You can taste the difference yourself in many of London’s top restaurants. If you are looking for a particular Pfaffl wine, you can contact Pfaffl’s local importer Astrum Wine Cellars Limited.