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The Roast of your Leadership 10 September Amsterdam, the Netherlands Are you a successful entrepreneur? Or, perhaps you are just starting out? Hosted by psychologist Joel aan ’t Goor, this unmissable event will offer you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, in whatever capacity that leadership may take, and help you understand how you can tackle these in an improved way.

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing Conference

European Forum For Industrial Biotechnology And The Bioeconomy (EFIB)

18 - 20 September Luxembourg City, Luxembourg The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing Conference aims to promote the development of internal auditing and its position in the promotion of good governance across the continent. Its members include the institutes of internal auditors in countries throughout Europe.

30 September - 2 October Brussels, Belgium This September will see the 12th edition of EFIB, Europe’s leading event for the bio-based economy. This exciting exhibition comprises global brands and emerging innovators, not to mention special events reflecting existing bio-based innovation in everyday life.

AutoSens 17 - 19 September Brussels, Belgium The automotive sensor and perception conference and exhibition includes a three-day workshop and is the perfect setting to discover more about the future of vehicle perception technology. Thanks to the range of high-quality technical presentations, attendees can return to their office or lab armed with new solutions and plenty of food for thought.

Agile Amsterdam 25 - 27 September Amsterdam, the Netherlands If being agile is part of the DNA of your company, how can you protect, sustain and further enhance your agile practice? This event looks at the opportunities and threats your business may face and puts you in touch with expert speakers in the realm of agility and agile organisations.

Photo: Agile Amsterdam

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