Discover Benelux, Issue 69, September 2019

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Wellness on the Wadden Islands TEXT: MAYA WITTERS  |  PHOTOS: KOGERSTAETE

In recent years, Texel has developed a boutique offering of luxury hotels. A new player aiming to raise the bar even higher is the recently renovated four-star hotel Kogerstaete. With suites featuring hypermodern wellness facilities in the bathrooms, a splendid breakfast buffet and a beautifully designed lounge, owners Desiré Boks and Simon Fulcri put their guests’ comfort first. “The word ‘no’ is not in our vocabulary.”

“I was born on this island and grew up in the hotel run by my family, Bosrand. I worked there and co-owned it for a while, but the desire to have my own place together with my partner Simon grew over time. When we got the opportunity to buy Kogerstaete, we grabbed it with both hands – but we knew we wanted to change it completely to fit our own style.”

Visitors familiar with Texel might be surprised at the transformation Kogerstaete has undergone. “The hotel has been here for a long time, but it didn’t have a bar or lounge, the rooms were somewhere between studios and hotel rooms, and there wasn’t that much coherence to it,” explains Boks.

The result is a modern hotel that feels and looks coherent and cosy. “We created a place where we would like to stay ourselves,” Boks attests. “It’s not just slick design, this hotel fits our own style and character, which was important to us. We want to bring a personal touch for our guests. No request is too much.”

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The attention to detail the couple paid during renovations is obvious in the various room types. While all similar in style, they each differ slightly to suit various needs. There are comfortable double rooms, stylish suites, family options, and bathrooms with increasing levels of high-tech wellness for those seeking a little extra relaxation.

Personalised luxury

Simon Fulcri and Desiré Boks.