Discover Benelux, Issue 67, July 2019

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Canal Houses, Centre.

Authentic To experience Amsterdam in its purest form, the best places to go are the northern and eastern edge of the city. Here, tourists are a rare breed, making them the ideal neighbourhoods to live like a local. With its green villages, multicultural streets, experimental festivals and stunning waterside terraces, there is plenty to experience for those trying to avoid the obvious paths and tourist traps.

Lush More southwards, you enter the lushest part of the city. Here, wide avenues and monumental mansions connect the Rijksmuseum, the Vondelpark and the Concertgebouw with each other. So, which Amsterdam do you want to explore? Dive into this exciting special and discover our favourite spots in all the neighbourhoods of the fascinating Dutch capital.

Westergas, West.Photo: Koen Smilde Photography

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