Discover Benelux, Issue 33, September 2016

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Discover Benelux | Amsterdam Special | Jordaan Highlights


Looking for a quality Black Angus steak and salad restaurant in Amsterdam’s famous Jordaan district? BLACK and BLUE is the place. A tender piece of biological Black Angus steak is grilled above charcoal in BLACK and BLUE’s special Josper grill barbecue oven before it is brought to the table on a rustic looking wooden plank. It is accompanied by homemade sauce and freshly cut fries. The guest who ordered it looks content and takes a sip from his matching wine. “We strive to create a relaxed ambiance,” manager Anna Nessen says. This is accomplished by combining comfortable chairs and tables with the tougher elements a steakhouse’s interior needs. But personnel play an equally important role in setting the mood. The accommodating waitresses make guests feel right at home and the kitchen is

happy to adapt its famous salads to cater to vegetarians, even though the menu also offers some meatless meals. There are no strict rules at BLACK and BLUE. Service is flexible and aimed at giving customers the experience they are looking for, whether that is sitting at the table in the corner for a quick and quiet meal, or sharing the table by the window with friends for a birthday party. “This flexible attitude allows us to cater to a highly diverse audience,” Nessen continues. The steakhouse’s late opening hours (the BLACK and BLUE serves dinner until 11pm) and its reasonable prices also play a role. Not to mention the great food. With treats like tender, biological, 100 per cent Black Angus burger on the menu and the special flavours created by grilling in the Josper oven, you would be crazy not to give this place a go.

French cuisine with a modern twist TEXT: SOFIE COUWENBERGH | PHOTOS: BLEU AMSTERDAM

At bistro BLEU, travellers and locals alike enjoy classic French cuisine with a modern twist in a cosy ambiance. Bistro BLEU opened its doors in 2016 to welcome guests for a tasty lunch or dinner. “It’s really important to us that people feel at home,” manager Nicki van der Wagt says. Whether it is businessmen dropping by for a quick meal, groups coming to celebrate an event or couples on a special night out, BLEU makes sure to listen to their needs and provide a personalised service. “We’ll always adapt our

dishes to cater to people with allergies,” Van der Wagt gives as an example. “And we’ll gladly take into account if you’re in a hurry or want to spend your evening at the dinner table.” Such flexible service is often hard to find in a tourist city like Amsterdam, as are places that serve dinner until 10.30pm, like BLEU does. “We frequently get calls from hotels that have guests who checked in late and are looking for a place to eat,” Van der Wagt says. “We are that place.” Aside from the excellent service, BLEU also offers quality food. Both the lunch and the dinner menu consist of French classics

that come presented in a modern way, with variations of the usual ingredients or prepared with a fresh twist. Particularly special is the Josper grill oven, a closed barbecue in which all meat and fish dishes are prepared above charcoal. It is not because you are visiting a tourist town that you should pay tourist prices and settle for tourist quality. BLEU combines good food with good service at a reasonable price. Give it a try next time you are in town.

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