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ABOVE LEFT: Roland Assa: Founding partner of AS Avocats, Honorary Vice-Consul of Danemark and arbitrator registered with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. RIGHT: Luc Schaack: Partner at AS Avocats, member of various philanthropic organisations and former honorary correspondent of UNHCR for Luxembourg. BELOW: Nathalie Weber-Frisch: Partner at AS Avocats, arbitrator registered with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, member of various philanthropic organisations and president of the Foundation Kiwanis Luxembourg.


Based in Luxembourg, AS Avocats is an independent law firm with a personal touch. Instead of simply specialising in one particular industry, it has experience across a diverse range of fields which helps it to tackle complex and multifaceted cases with ease. AS Avocats, founded in the 1970s, caters for small to medium-sized companies, high personal net worth individuals and nonprofit organisations particularly from the Luxembourg social sector. By being a medium-sized firm, it can maintain close relationships with its clients for targeted, tailor-made solutions. Nathalie Weber-Frisch, partner at AS Avocats, says: “We take the time to get to know the client and their general, personal and professional context. If it is a company or non-profit organisation, we will, if requested, visit their premises. We eventually assist in the daily business for a few days to understand their needs and how they operate. To explain what we do and how we work, personal contact with the client is always preferred. We think this is the best way to await their feedback.”

64 | Issue 23 | November 2015

To showcase AS Avocats’ personal approach, Weber-Frisch states a medical case as an example. Instead of only fighting the conviction on points of law, it researched the case together with doctors and medical professionals. They discovered that the side effects of a drug implied in a death were not well understood. Weber-Frisch explains: “We studied the medical implications in order to assure a fact-based defence. The result was a complete discharge of the client in front of the judge of appeal in a criminal case, even with the support of the public prosecutor.”

from legal support during a case, AS Avocats offers workshops and continuous assistance to avert potential future problems. Weber-Frisch says: “We help clients make the right decisions, prepare documents that are as complete as possible and make sure they have all the written proof needed in case litigation cannot be avoided. We are satisfied if the client is happy with our work and if we manage to establish a long-term relationship with clients, who then do not hesitate to contact us about all their queries.”

Working across a range of industries, AS Avocats has extensive experience in the areas of medical responsibility, civil law, inheritance planning, corporate and tax law, labour law, administrative law, investor protection and construction law. The firm strives to help its clients on a long-term basis, assisting them in all their aspects of life and help prevent litigation. Apart