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Discover Benelux |  Fashion |  Astrid Elisee

The perfect fit Timeless, elegant and versatile, that is the jumpsuit by Dutch fashion designer Astrid Elisee. Made from high quality silk, it has a sophisticated cut that suits any body type and is available in a dozen stylish colours. Popular with actresses, politicians and celebrities, it’s no wonder shops call her up daily because they’re running out of stock. TEXT: MYRIAM GWYNNED DIJCK  |  PHOTOS: ASTRID ELISEE

“The  jumpsuit  is  a  classy  basic  every woman should have, just like the little black dress  and  the  trench  coat,”  company founder Astrid Elisee says. “Our jumpsuit is very adaptable, it can be worn to work, out and about and on a night out. Many of our clients own it in several colours.” Just  three  years  ago  Elisee  started  her own fashion label with a collection of silk items. When she saw the enthusiasm and continuous  positive  reactions  from  customers  wearing  her  jumpsuit  –  who  she noticed felt instantly more confident – she decided to make it her main and only business. “The cut of the jumpsuit is just spoton,  it  fits  anyone.  It  is  timeless,  classy, smart and just a perfect basic,” she says. The fact that the jumpsuit is suitable for anyone and any occasion is exemplified by  Elisee’s  clients.  Her  target  group  is

women  from  20  to  70  years  old.  She comments, “My mother, who is 70, actually  has  three  of  our  jumpsuits  in  different  colours.  Then  another  customer got married in our jumpsuit!” For Elisee the choice to go for silk was an easy one. She has always had a love for silk  garments  because  of  its  exquisite and versatile qualities. “Silk looks luxurious, it flows beautifully and falls perfectly around the body and washed silk has a cool-casual look for daily use. Plus, you don’t throw away a silk clothing item, so that fits with our sustainability policy.” At  the  moment  Elisee’s  jumpsuits  are available in numerous high-end boutiques across the Netherlands and Belgium with London and Paris as the next step. She is  also  planning  to  venture  into  Scandinavia and Italy in the near future, as well

as expand the collection  with  more  timeless basics. She adds: “We  want  to  keep  a sense of exclusivity in our brand and we are very  selective  when we  choose  new  outlets  for  our  label. Sometime this year we would  also  like  to  introduce new items like the  boyfriend  shirt.” The jumpsuits with long or short sleeves, made from washed heavy silk –  now  available  in  five new  winter  colours  – can be bought directly from the website.

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