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Class Act(ress) B rooks grad Emily Bruhn swept back through Powell River – her first trip home in two years – in August. She’s been busy since she left for university at 18, picking up two degrees, and reinventing herself as a model and actress. This fall, she’s shooting her first lead role in a feature film: The Perfect Pickup, directed by Canadian actor Chad Rock. PRL caught up with her and her dog Goldy, and photographed them around town. She even makes the mill look good. (See PRL’s Facebook page for more pics from the shoot.)

Name: Emily Rose Maddison Bruhn

 Born: Vancouver, BC

 Family: German on my father’s side and English on my mother’s.

 Occupation: Model/Actress

 Pets: Goldy – the world’s cutest and most spoiled Pekapom (that’s a Pomeranian Pekingese cross).

 Favourite movie: Velvet Goldmine and The Great Gatsby.

 Favourite musician: I really love INXS and Kid Rock (his soulful country music, not the angry stuff) and I’ve also been listening to a lot of Elle King lately.

 Coffee, tea or whiskey? Tea! Every country has it so it’s a ritual I can enjoy no matter how far from home I am.

 Facebook or Twitter? Facebook for keeping up with friends and Twitter for the necessary evil of self-promotion but Instagram is really my social media of choice, you can follow all of my modeling escapades there (@Emily__Maddison and yes, that’s two underscores!).

 Thing I miss the most about Powell River: So much! Picking blackberries off the vine, going to the beach and often being the only person there, swimming in Sliammon Lake and saying ‘hello’ to every person you pass on the street.

If I was in charge of everything, Powell River would: Have free and reliable ferry service for all!

 The biggest difference between how I dressed when I was going to school and how I dress now is:
I’m sure I make just as many fashion faux pas now as I did then, the difference is that I’ll be blissfully unaware of my current ones until I’m about five years in the future looking and back and shaking my head.



September 2015 Powell River Living  

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