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Sir, to channelize the grievances of students in a systematic manner and to create a buffer between students and faculty, an idea of an academic council is being proposed consisting of senior members of student community and CRs. Will you give credibility to the recommendations of the committee on issues like exam pattern, course design etc?

rules and regulations". Which way do you see us moving, towards this goal or away from it?

Firstly, there is a difference between rules and regulations. Rules are rigid while regulations are guidelines. For e.g., the recent 10gb download limit is a guideline, for in case you need more, you are always free to approach the concerned authorities. In such matters the goal and purpose Sir: Yes of course, it is good. I believe, student matters .If 10gb is just used for movies then participation in making decisions will not only these resources are being wasted . To ensure it is make them responsible but also involve students properly utilized this guideline is being set .The in building IIIT. moment you misunderstand the purpose of a guideline, it tends to become an issue of contenSir, what are your views on foreign internship? tion, which ultimately leads to external rules rather than self regulation. Sir: We encourage foreign internships but as part of a larger research collaboration. Important Ma’am, please elaborate upon your interests point to note is that foreign internships are efother than building IIIT fective only if continuity of work is maintained. Ma’am: I did my M.Sc. in Physics from RoorThey have to be planned and implemented in a kee University (currently IIT-Roorkee). During my Ph.D. itself, I got married and came to IITmanner which leads to continuity of work and Kanpur. After coming to IIT-Kanpur, I changed continuity of learning. We are already having my field and that is when I entered the field of collaborations with many Indian companies like computers. I worked voluntarily in IIT-Kanpur TCS, Infosys, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, for many years. I got my M.Phil. in Computer Amazon, Rediff, to name a few. We have also Applications. In 1996, we shifted to Hyderabad. started a collaborative project with noted foreign Here too, I started working voluntarily and did universities such as Columbia University, Uni- programming, but I could not see the purpose of my work. Thereafter, I started teaching in a versity of Colorado, University of Massachuschool in an honorary capacity on my own terms setts and Washington University. Exchanges and conditions. I taught there for three years and and internships have already started with them. observed good results in the students. But, I was utterly disappointed by the teachers over there. They were so concerned about "completing the syllabus" that they forgot the actual purpose of education. What was more shocking was the fact that after enrolling a student in the school, the parents felt completely freed from all responsiSir: The primary reason why they left was that bilities towards their ward. I dedicate my self to there was a serious difference in academic two things now , one is, how I become comthinking. Their view was that English should be pletely self responsible and other to help those taught to all in the First year but the view of the around me to become conscious towards themacademic curriculum review committee, selves. chaired by Prof. Kamal was that English be kept as a skill. They were extremely unhappy with Lastly, your message to the students. that and so they left, even though the committee Sir: This is the golden period of your life so do viewed English literature course differently not lose it. Study and explore as much as you from English language course. I was myself can. very saddened by their decision. Ma’am: I will add only one line to it and that is Sir, Your vision is of "IIIT as an institute with no one must realize the difference between "Svatantrata" and "Manmani". Sir, As you know the Marathes were one of the most respected and revered faculties in IIIT. Why did they leave and why wasn't even a proper farewell given to them?